Books are Great and so are Toys

While books are great for adults, toys are the best for young children. What type of toy you should purchase all depends on the age of the child. Some toys are designed with the toddler in mind while others are made for the big kids to even the kids at heart. Toys are not just for amusement but are instruments to learn and grow with. According to the National Association of the Education of Young Children, play based learning is essential at every age of child development. Humans learn the skills of life from doing and seeing therefore, it is essential for the development of children that they are introduced to the act of playing. From make-believe to puppets and Play-dough to building blocks every element that comes in contact with a young child’s early years helps them to develop into a functioning adult. Some of the things that children learn through play include: cognitive skills when playing grocery store, physical agility when balancing blocks, social skills when playing pretend, literacy skills when playing create a restaurant menu, and enhanced vocabulary when playing with dinosaurs. While playing with toys is educational, it can also serve to reduce stress. For example, playing with a handheld video game is a great stress reducer in child as well as adults.


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