Locker Nine: A Novel of Societal Collapse Review


  • Grace Hardwick’s dad is a science fiction writer who makes his living destroying the world. When Grace decides to go away for her first year of college her dad, Robert, can’t help but think of all of the potential ways that society could collapse and strand his daughter hundreds of miles from home. Then, near the end of her freshman year, it happens. Like a scene from one of Robert’s books, coordinated terror attacks take place at dozens of locations around the country – including on the campus of Grace’s university.
  • Grace and her father barely have time for a single rushed phone call before they lose signal. In that call, Robert reminds his daughter of the key he gave her when she left for school – the key that she constantly wears around her neck. She doesn’t know what it opens. She doesn’t know where the engraved numbers will lead her. All she knows is that her dad is not the type to let her go hundreds of miles from home with no backup plan.
  • With her roommate in tow, Grace embarks on a treacherous journey that may lead her home or may lead her right into the path of another stranded traveler – a disturbed gamer who sees nothing but opportunity in a world that now closely resembles that of his favorite video games.

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“Excellent like Mr. Horton’s other series (Borrowed World), but I didn’t think the whole video game theme with Ray’s story was very good. I felt it was kind of corny and weak. But overall I very much enjoyed this book, just like everything from the Borrowed World series, and couldn’t stop reading it. This guy cannot write fast enough for me! Haha.” By A. Thomas

“I really enjoyed Mr. Horton’s other post-apocalyptic trilogy and this one promises to be even better! It’s been awhile since a book made me cry but this one did; a feat very difficult to manage for anyone as my emotion center is adjusted due to medication.” By Jinnie L

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Author: Franklin Horton
Audible Audio Edition
Kindle Price: Paperback $13.86, Audible $0.00
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Program Type: Audiobook
Version: Unabridged
Publisher: Franklin Horton Release Date: August 30, 2016
Language: English
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #257 in Books