THE BLOCKCHAIN COMPASS: Welcome to the World of Blockchain by Tolga Akcay

The adoption of Blockchain is growing by the minute. More and more companies are embracing blockchain technology, thanks to its promising benefits. If you, too, are looking to kick off your blockchain-based business venture, The Blockchain Compass is the best book you can read. Written by Tolga Akcay, The Blockchain Compass discusses all aspects of blockchain technology in a detailed way.

So, if you have any doubts about blockchain technology, this book may be of big help. It is now available in the Kindle version at a very affordable price on Amazon.

The Blockchain Compass

Here’s what the book description says:

‘’Have you ever wondered why global companies like Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan, Amazon, Oracle Corporation, and several others are getting involved with blockchain technology? With the current rate of development and adoption of blockchain, it is unwise for governments, individuals, corporations, and regulatory authorities to dismiss the hype surrounding distributed ledger technology.
What if we are a few steps away from a drastic shift from the centralized, inflexible, and old systems to a new decentralized model that is fully collaborative? Is it possible to have a new decentralized model that ensures transparency, security, and safety of all transactions? Well, this paper has the answer to these questions and several others!’’

About the Author

Tolga Akcay (born 1988 in Germany) is an entrepreneur in global trade, a business consultant, an expert in the field of digitization, blockchain technology, as well as in artificial intelligence (AI), and an author. He studied business administration and then completed his master’s degree in corporate management. During his professional career, he continued his training in Germany and the USA and specialized in digitization, blockchain technology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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