Sunset Specters: The Fifth Jonathan Shade Novel Review


  • A sorcerer seeking immortality
    The powerful wizard, Henry Winslow, arrives in 1877 and sets out for the Barbary Coast in San Francisco to steal a bit of life energy from his parents before he can head to the 1920s to complete his immortality ritual.
  • A former slave with a mission
    Douglas Freeman is a former slave with a growing collection of vengeful ghosts, and he’s headed for the Barbary Coast to kill the last few men on his list.
  • Champions out of time
    Jonathan Shade and Kelly Chan reunite with Brand, the former Sekutar warrior, and Esther, the ghost who has an unbreakable bond with Shade. They set out for California to stop Winslow. But the Barbary Coast is a dangerous place where life is cheap. Their paths will cross with thieves, cutthroats, crimps, prostitutes, gangs, magic, and a supernatural threat. Time is running out on their mission, and one thing is certain – not everyone is going to get out alive.

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“I’ve liked all the books up until now. This one was seemed thrown together and didn’t even make sense, as far as the story was concerned. It was long winded and actually boring. This time travel thing just doesn’t work for me. I’m not reading book six, that’s for sure. Seven and now eight are supposed to be back to normal but I’m taking a break because this one really turned me off.” By Kitty Kat

“Another winner, another enthralling read as the characters pursue their way to he finish line. I have enjoyed watching them evolve and felt very sad when one of the chief characters, and a great favorite of mine was eliminated. However, I eagerly awaited the final book in the series with hopes of some revival of my favorite. . The author does a great job of weaving the lives of the characters into the plot and vice versa.” By Tasha Halpert

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Author: Gary Jonas
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