The Hunt Chronicles Volume 2: Revelation Review


  • In the months following the Awakening, Christian’s group of survivors grows, but they are still outnumbered by the hordes of zombies and scabs plaguing the world. With their security at risk, they must move to safer ground.
  • When Christian and Boomer get separated from the group, Christian is caught in a life or death struggle forcing him to reveal his immunity and hope he can trust the one person who knows his secret.
  • After Fish leads a daring rescue to save a group of specialists, they discover the origin of the virus and a plan is forged to get them to the Hoover Dam. New hope is on the horizon until a betrayal within the camp threatens not only Christian’s life, but the lives of all humanity.
  • In book two of The Hunt Chronicles, Christian makes a revelation: He may be immune to the virus, but he is not immune to the monsters which dwell in all of us.

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“Very good book, not at all what I was expecting in the direction of the story line. I am being careful here to not provide spoilers, so I am not going to get into the content of the story in a major way. The editing is top notch and the story does not disappoint.” By Donald Coleman

“Second book in the series (third hopefully coming soon). Local to the Palm Bay/Melbourne are of Florida which is where I live. Great details. Great character development. Great action. And lets not forget some interesting plot twists. I hardly ever review anything. I had to review this. It was awesome. Keep bringing it!” By Steven E. Brengard

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Author: J.D. Demers
Audible Audio Edition
Kindle Price: Paperback $15.00, Audible $0.00
Listening Length: 10 hours and 7 minutes
Program Type: Audiobook
Version: Unabridged
Publisher: Jacob Demers Release Date: July 4, 2016
Language: English
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